Choose The Right Jewelry For Your Personal Style

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Your jewelry accessories say a lot about you. So show off your jewelry and let your personality shine is quite important. The jewelry accessories you wear are and should be compliments to your total look–your dress, your hair, even your surroundings.

Which necklace goes with these gowns? Am I wearing too much bling? Read follow and you will never have these problems of jewelry accessories.

Your jewelry accessory should be matched according to the color of your clothes. For example, gold jewelry goes well with dark colors such as black or burgundy. Silver jewelry works well with lighter shades such as white and pale blues. If your jewelry has gems in warm tones such as red, orange yellow, complement it with clothes in cool colors such as blue, green and violet.

Match your jewelry accessories to your face shape and the size of your face. For example, if you have a round face, select jewelry in elongated shapes such as diamonds. If your face is narrow, try hoop earrings. Wear diminutive jewelry accessories such as solitaires or those with simple designs if you have a small face. In adverse, if your face is larger, you can wear bigger pieces of jewelry accessories. If your neck is long, chokers or pendants can accentuate your neckline.

Jewelry accessories should also work with the occasion. For example, for a formal gathering, you can wear fine jewelry accessories, rhinestones or pieces with more intricate designs. For a casual gathering, you can wear fashion jewelry accessories or jewelry with semi-precious gems. While in a professional setting, smaller jewelry accessories with simple designs are good choices.


The most important principle is matching your jewelry accessories to your personality. If you are extrovert, wear fashion jewelry with lots of color and panache. Introvert person can choose jewelry accessories such as small flowers or solitaire diamonds. If you have a no-nonsense and straightforward personality, chunkier jewelry with bold designs are good.


Now I guess you have been familiar with choosing of jewelry accessories. Next time when standing before the jewelry accessories counters, please do not feel at sea.