Selecting The Pearl Jewelry You Want

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Pearls are known well because of  their elegance and beautiful. Also they have attracted women all through the ages and world. This article stresses on some important features that you need to consider while selecting pearl jewelry.

Basically there are 4 types of pearls:Tahitian, South Sea, Freshwater & Akoya pearls. Except for freshwater pearls all other type of pearls comes from oceans.  Sure, they are more valuable because of the quantity and quality.

We know that a pearl’s value is determined by its quality. Pearls are graded as A, AA, AA+, AAA and AAA+. The last two is the best.

Also, there are many other factors we should consider. That’s:

Nacre,  Surface,  Luster,  Shape,  Size and Matching,  Color



Pearl’s nacre thickness is the most important element we should consider when we buy pearl jewelry. Nacre is the key which decides how long the pearl will last. When a pearl’s nacre thickness is at least 0.4mm, it is best.


Luster & Surface


Luster is the amount of light which gets reflected from the surface of the pearl. Pearls with mirror finish, high luster and clean surface are more valuable.

Size & Shape

Pearls bigger than 7mm worth more money from us. Pearls are round in shape are considered most desirable.

But no matter what type of Pearl you want, whether they are expensive or not. If you love the style, you should buy it without hesitation!